Synthetic Rugby Ball

Choosing the right ball of the standard quality and durability is of great importance to improve your skills as a rugby player. To cater to your sports needs, We carefully designs this Rugby Ball to ensure a powerful performance.

Hand-Stitched For Long Lasting Durability

The Rugby Ball is carefully hand-stitched by craftsmen to ensure long-lasting durability without any tearings.

High Shape Retention And Stability

Also, this Rugby ball is guaranteed to provide high shape retention and stability even after a continuous rough use.

Durable Synthetic Material

Made from the finest durable synthetic material, this Rugby Ball can be used for longer.

Price: INR 0.00

Rugby Ball

The Ball has been designed with a four panel design with machine stitching for added durability along with a textured synthetic grip for better handling making it ideal for practice sessions. This rugby ball also comes with printed designs to the outer along with the company branding.

> Rugby Ball
> Machine stitched
> Four panel design
> Textured panels for grip
> Rubber bladder
> Company branding

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Vintage Leather Rugby Ball

These fantastic hand stitched and hand polished rugby balls are perfect for any sports lover. Available in a mini or full size.

These Leather Rugby balls are really quite stunning. These also make the perfect gift for any Rugby lover – they feel amazing and would make a great addition to any office or study.

These are hand stitched and polished in the India using traditional stitching methods.

These balls make beautiful gifts and are something that will be treasured for years to come!

The balls are available in Mini and full size.

Price: INR 0.00

Reversible Bib

The Reversible Training Bibs are made of strong acrylic making them suitable for rugby contact training. The Bib has two different coloured sides.

Made to handle contact training.

Simply turn the bib inside out to switch colour.

Custom printing available.

Price: INR 0.00

Rugby Bib

Printed training bibs have numbers or letters on both sides. Elastic one side, velcro on the other. Plain 100% nylon bibs.

Price: INR 0.00

Disk Cones

Material: PVC
6 Colors: Yellow / Red / Orange / Green / White / Blue
Quantity: 10 pcs
Diameter: 19cm / 7.48″
Each Height:3.8cm
10pc Package Height:5cm


Environmentally friendly PVC material,non-toxic and tasteless.
Good toughness,long life.
For schools, units, organizations large events, residential parking, etc.
Fits for Inline Skating/Skateboard/Soccer/Outdoor activities/Traffic/Parking lot,etc.

Package includes: 10 x Disc Cones

Price: INR 0.00


Durable, lightweight, PVC Hurdles.

  • Set of 6.

  • Available in Different Heights

Part of the Rugby training equipment range, the PVC hurdles are great for:

  • Developing and reinforcing correct stride mechanics

  • Controlled plyometric (jump) training

  • Fast footwork

  • Agility

  • Lateral power

Price: INR 0.00

Flat Disk Markers

Flat Disc Flexible Rubber Markers – Set of 10 are used indoor or outdoor for marking all types of drills and training sessions. Great for Coordination, Agility and Speed training.

  • Enjoy the benefits of marker cones with hundreds of new activity and training options

  • These brightly coloured non skid rubber discs are excellent for all indoor and outdoor hard surfaces in place of marker cones

  • The flat surface removes any risk of injury and adds new scope to running drills as players can stand on the disk with one foot when running through a grid pattern

  • Ideal for agility, positional, plyometric, foot speed drills and games that are guaranteed to add fun and quality to any training session

  • Sold per pack of 10 in either white, blue, yellow or red.

Price: INR 0.00

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