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Judo Uniform

The traditional uniform for Judo is the Judo Gi. Our wide range of Judo Equipments caters for both club students and tournament fighters .

As the primary objective of Judo is to take down your opponent using grappling manoeuvres Judo Suit need to be loose fitting and generally consist of trousers, a jacket and a belt.

We also manufacture a variety of kids Judo Suits, suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Judo Top

Judo Top are available separately, ideal for those training more than once a week. What could be worse than not having any judo Top for your next lesson?

Our Judo Upper are available in a wide range of sizes for both children and adults, and come in white, black or blue.

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Judo Pants

Range of  Judo pants are available separately, along with separate Judo Tops and Belts.

Our Judo Pants are available in a wide range of sizes for both children and adults, and come in white, black or blue.

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Reversible Chest Guard

our Reversible Chest guard is made from High quality Synthetic leather. Padded with High density multi layered foam padding. Long lasting, shapes perfectly round your body.Scoring zone targets on both sides. Adjustable hook and loop straps. Helps protect chest, ribs, kidneys & abdominal. Perfect for training and fighting in the gym provides maximum protection. Suitable for Judo,karate and taekwondo training

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Chest Guard

Compulsory for male and female World Karate Federation competitions. Protects against blows and strikes to the chest. Elasticated back panel and strap allows unrestricted movement. Light weight and comfortable to wear under any karate suit.

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Karate Gloves

  • PU Karate Mitts

  • Ideal for karate, sparring practice

  • Elasticated Velcro Wrap for easy fitting

  • Available in junior & Senior size

  • Comes as pair

Price: INR 0.00

Shin/Forearm Guard

  • Extra protection to vulnerable forearm and shins from below the knee to just above the ankle.

  • fitted dipped foam for knee-to-ankle or wrist-to-elbow coverage.

  • Protective foam insert.

  • Extra-wide strapping for secure fit during sparring

  • Available in White, Red, Black, Blue

Price: INR 0.00

Shin Guard

This  shin guard covers the shin area from above the ankle to the top of the shin providing excellent coverage. Great for injured or sensitive areas.

High Quality thick padding.

Adjustable Velcro Closure

Price: INR 0.00

Shin In Step

Raised “shin ridge” provides extra protection where you need it most. Hook and loop pull strap provides a secure fit. Durable synthetic leather shell. Shock-absorbing, high-density foam core. Extended instep for greater foot protection Handmade in India.

Price: INR 0.00

Groin Guard

Shock absorbing and a great provider of protection to the groin area. Elasticated waist band and support straps. Anatomically designed to be exclusively for women. Suitable for training and competitions. Can be worn under or over the trousers. Made from Synthetic Leather. 

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  • Made with Synthetic leather.

  • Semi-rigid polyurethane molding foam

  • Components are pleasant to the touch

  • Freedom for design

  • Sweat resistant

  • Highly shock absorbent

Price: INR 0.00

Kick Shield

Ideal for training with children, the Kick Shield is made of high-density foam and has three back handles for a secure grip.

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Gum Shield


  • High-tech mouth guard that will offer superior protection and a lightweight fit

  • Dual Composite construction decreases weight and improves protection

  • Jaw pads protect against impact and create breathing channels

  • Front bumper protects the front teeth

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