PVC Football

PVC Cover with  Laminated Layer

The outer cover is made from strong and durable PVC with a laminated layer that gives off a shiny finish.

Minimal Water Absorption

The PVC cover ensures that very less water gets absorbed when this Football accidentally falls into puddles.

Ideal for Training Purposes

The design and the strong make of this football make it ideal for your rigorous training sessions as it can easily withstand rough use.

32 Panels

The 32 panels are shaped in such a way that this ball gets a perfectly round shape.

Suitable for Artificial Turf and Natural Grass Surface

Price: INR 0.00

PU Football

Polyurethane Outer Material

The outer material is made from extremely durable polyurethane that resists wear and tear even when played on the streets.

Hand Stitched

This Football is expertly crafted with hand-stitched panels that help consistently retain the round shape so you get a powerful kick.

Price: INR 0.00

Synthetic Football

Rubberized covers 

The outer material of this ball is made from high quality Rubberized Material. The covers of the ball are waterproof and dirt-resistant.

32 hand-stitched panels

The high number of panels enhances the performance of the ball. These panels are hand-stitched reducing seam stress and making the ball more durable.

Latex bladder

The latex bladder is of high quality and gives good performance. It adds a softer feel to the ball and gives it a smooth bounce.

Price: INR 0.00

Vintage Style Genuine Leather football

Price: INR 0.00

PVC-EVA Goal Keeping Glove

Price: INR 0.00

Mesh-EVA Goal Keeping Glove

Price: INR 0.00

Polyester Rib and Rubber Goal keeping Glove

Price: INR 0.00

Shin Guard

Price: INR 0.00

Shin Guard

Price: INR 0.00

Football Uniform

Price: INR 0.00

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